MATSURI Partners

To illustrate a new industry to be presented to the world, we felt it necessary to first bring together entities from various industries to play different roles in the new algae industry. Learning about our aspirations, many entities have responded in agreement and are enthusiastically participating in this MATSURI project, bringing together the strong will to create a new industry.

Industry Structuring Partners

  • ENEOS Corporation energy/materials

    Aiming for a sustainable algae business, we participated in MATSURI not only for fuel but also to de ... velop various products with fellow MATSURI partners. We will robustly invigorate the matsuri (festival) to contribute to the realization of a low-carbon society. Read More Target

  • Utilizing the power of nature, namely algae, we will explore new possibilities for decarbonization. Target

  • We will participate in the MATSURI project which aims to build a sustainable algae industry, and pro ... mote this project with conviction that utilization of algae is one effective measure for realizing carbon neutrality. Read More Target

  • Nippon Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. aims to become an indispensable part of society by providing value th ... at supports beauty, health, and the enriching lives of people by help creating new environmentally-friendly values through participation in the MATSURI project. Read More Target

  • Through our participation in the MATSURI project, we will apply the technological capabilities we ha ... ve cultivated thus far to the application development of microalgae in order to create new value that satisfies the requirements of both global environment and humanity/society as we continue to work towards a sustainable future. Read More Target

Corporate Partners

  • The Asahi Kasei Group solves various social issues through its businesses and contributes to the rea ... lization of a sustainable society. By participating in MATSURI, we will pursue the possibility of "a future created with algae." Read More Target

  • Asahi Quality and Innovations will pursue the potential of the food and beverage industry that solve ... s social issues through discussions with cross-industry partners at MATSURI, toward the creation of a sustainable and enriching lifestyles. Read More Target

  • DNP aims to realize a "decarbonized society," "circular society," and "society that coexists with na ... ture" by creating new value through P&I* innovation. We will collaborate with various MATSURI partners to create new value in building up the algae industry. * P&I: Printing and Information Read More Target

  • DIC aims to realize a colorful, healthy and sustainable society by fusing together algae and chemist ... ry. We look forward to creating a new industry as MATSURI and will proactively support its activities. Read More Target

  • Hitachi Plant Services Co., Ltd. comprehensive engineering

    Fuji Chemical Industries aims to create products that can contribute to "people, society and the fut ... ure" in the field of pharmaceuticals and supplements. Through MATSURI, we will continue to take on the challenge of building up a new industry that helps improve the health of people around the world. Read More Target

  • Honda Motor Co., Ltd. transport equipment

    By imagining a new way of life that utilizes new energy for a sustainable society, we believe that t ... his will lead to the realization of our corporate vision which is "the joy and freedom of mobility and the realization of an enriching and sustainable society". Read More Target

  • As a food ingredient manufacturing company that has been in business for over 100 years, we joined M ... ATSURI in order to become a company that will delight people for another 100 years. Read More Target

  • Kyodo Yushi Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of lubricants that is indispensable to industries. Through p ... articipation in MATSURI, we will pursue the potential of algae in tribology and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society. Read More Target

  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries will contribute to the decarbonization of energy and the stable supply o ... f electricity around the world, and will also contribute to the development of the algae industry through the MATSURI project as part of our efforts to realize a sustainable future. Read More Target

  • NGK Spark Plug manufactures and sells spark plugs, various sensors, and new-ceramic products. Throug ... h MATSURI, we will promote social contribution activities toward a sustainable society. Read More Target

  • NH Foods aims to expand the possibilities of protein and create a diverse diet that allows people to ... enjoy their food more freely. Through MATSURI, we would like to explore the potential of algae as a sustainable protein source. Read More Target

  • We believe in the potential of algae as a new protein source to replace meat, fish and dairy product ... s, and in preparation for the oncoming protein crisis, we would like to obtain more information about it and possibly develop new businesses. Read More Target

  • Tokyo Sangyo Co., Ltd. general equipment/energy

    With the corporate mission of trust and contribution, we will promote SDGs together with MATSURI. Th ... rough our algae business, we will provide optimal solutions that meet the various needs of society in order to realize enriching lives and futures for all. Read More Target

  • Tosoh's mission is to realize happiness and contribute to society through the innovation of chemistr ... y. With the technology we have cultivated over the years, we will contribute to the realization of a carbon-free society through MATSURI. Read More Target

  • We, Zeon, which means the earth (Zeo) and eternity (Eon), will pursue the potential of algae through ... the MATSURI project and take on the challenge of realizing a sustainable society. Read More Target

Municipal Partners