Opening Ceremony Held for World's Largest Algae Production Facility


April 4, 2023 (Tuesday) 9:00 local time MRT/Malaysia: Kuching

The opening ceremony of the world's largest "algae" production facility of 5 hectares was held.

The ceremony was attended by the Japanese ambassador in Malaysia, NEDO directors, people from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and representatives and executives of many companies participating in the MATSURI project. From here, the construction of the algae industry has started in earnest. *This project was entrusted by NEDO to conduct research and development to turn algae into fuel.

The opening ceremony was held in fine weather, and was attended by many media outlets, including NHK from Japan. Fujita, the representative of the CHITOSE Group, who announced the opening of the facility, spoke of his passion for the past and his thoughts on the algae industry, which is accelerating from now on. think.

*Prior to the completion, Mr. Fujita, representative of the CHITOSE Group, gave a speech about his passion for the algae industry, which is accelerating from here.

NEDO, which is a consignee, also released and sent out information!


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