User's Guide

1 Search for a project you would like to support


  • From the list

    Search by category or by new arrivals.

  • Keyword Search

    Search by project name or related keywords using the search icon in the upper right menu. *Currently, you cannot search by partner name.

  • From the Hyakunin Gumi page

    Among the projects, the "Hyakunin Gumi" project, a collaboration with creators, is being introduced!

2 If you find a project you are interested in

Add a favorite

The number of project highlights is the number of favorites that everyone has. *Register as a member to see a list of your favorites!


Project staff members update activity columns and articles connected to the project.

See everyone's supportive comments!
Of course, you can also contribute.


If you have any questions or would like to know more about the project, please contact the project team directly!

3 Support the project

cheering and joining in

Depending on the project, there are several ways to support the project.

  • 1. Purchase products

    If your product is complete, you can support it by purchasing it.

  • 2. Advance Purchase

    If your pre-purchase amount reaches the target amount, the project will become a commercial product! If we do not reach our goal, we will refund your money.

  • 3. Noted actions

    Some projects are not available for purchase. Some projects advance to the next stage when they attract more attention, such as the number of favorite registrations and comments.

  • postage

    (Please refer to the "Shipping and Returns" section on the project page for details, as they vary depending on the project.

  • settlement

    We accept all types of credit cards, Shop Pay, and Google Pay.

For Corporations

You can join MATSURI as a corporate partner (corporate member).
Please visit the MATSURI website for more information on MATSURI member activities and partner introductions.

After making a support purchase, you can

You can check the projects you are supporting at any time from the "Member Page".
Check the delivery status of your purchases and the status of projects waiting to be approved!

Let's grow an industrial tree together.

This industrial tree will grow with your participation and support.
Please support and watch over the projects you are supporting until they bloom and bear fruit in their categories!

4 Membership

MATSURI is a project to build an industry using algae, and is made possible by the participation of many companies, institutions, and you. As a member, you will be the first to know about MATSURI's events, promotions, and campaigns. You will also be able to make valuable support purchases made from algae, and you will be able to check your favorite projects at any time so that you can keep a close watch on them!
Of course, anyone can register their favorites and post comments, even if you are not a member.

Click here tolearn more about Corporate Membership.

Would you like to participate in a rich society spread by algae?

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