MATSURIMicroAlgae Towards SUstainable & Resilient Industry

MATSURI is the world's first joint project which aims to develop a society based on algae.

We describe this project as being a *Matsuri which means festival in Japanese.

Just as people of various professions, social positions and age gather and dance at festivals, if various players, from multiple industries overcome differences in positions and professions, come together with passion to make change, new businesses will emerge, bringing to life immense industrial growth which results in revenue generation.

Powered by the sun, algae is able to produce various organic substances from CO2.
With such characteristics, it can be used to create a myriad of products and thus, will mitigate our concerns on fossil resource depletion. Algae has the potential to become the foundation of an advanced decarbonized society.

Why not take part in MATSURI, a pivotal algae-based project which will definitely leave a footprint in history, to explore infinite business opportunities in the frontiers of decarbonization?
We welcome you to create MATSURI with us.

*MATSURI is a festival celebrated by people with similar beliefs and values.

MATSURI Partners