We will provide honest information so that you can sympathize with and support algae as a major industry that will last for thousands of years.



Algae use the energy of light to reduce carbon dioxide and synthesize a variety of compounds. They range from proteins and carbohydrates, which are important as food and feed, to lipids, which are used as plastics and fuel. In this way, algae can be used for various industrial applications. Algae use the energy of light and absorb carbon dioxide to synthesize a variety of compounds, which can be used in a variety of industries, forming the basis of sustainable industries.

MATUSRI provides "honest" information about algae and projects and products created from algae so that people from various walks of life can recognize, empathize, support, and participate. If you send out information using exaggerated expressions, you may temporarily gain attention and gain profits. However, this does not allow consumers, policy makers, investors, etc. to correctly recognize the reality and support them. If what you are working hard to create becomes recognized by the world as something that has already been done, you will lose the energy and motivation to create it. The exaggerated expression is an act that refers to the great swell and vitality that algae, which is MATSURI's concept, has become a major industry that will last for more than a thousand years. To be honest, MATSURI does not only focus on the convenient side or intentionally make the numbers better in order to achieve numerical targets, but sincerely communicates the current status, potential, and efforts of algae.

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