We cooperated with TV Asahi's "ANN News" for their special feature section.

TV Asahi is actively involved in the "Future from Here Project.

For eight days from September 17 to 24, projects and features are being sent out on the theme of "SDGs". The special features cut to issues such as "Climate Change" and "Energy Crisis".

As part of the program, ANN News featured "Reducing CO2 emissions through the power of algae," and announcer Misaki Hayashi covered the algae research lab at Chitose Laboratory Corp. Representative Fujita introduced the lab and talked about the potential of algae.

The program will include an explanation of "MATSURI" and a demonstration of algae-derived products that are expected to be used in the near future.

◾️Air Date and Time: September 21, 11:45 a.m. TV Asahi's "ANN News

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*Announcer Misaki Hayashi also introduced us on Instagram.  This is a photo of a person eating "Tavermo," an algae (spirulina) flash-frozen with advanced technology.

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